Since I'm the newbie of the BioHive team, I thought I would take this chance to introduce myself to all our community members. My name is Liora and I'm the Community Manager for the BioHive. I'm a Maryland native and a proud Terp. After learning that I wasn't cut out to be an engineer in college, I studied Classical Languages and Literature, and I paired that with internships in communications and digital media.  Working in digital communications for the past few years has given me a yen for a way to bridge the gap between online communities and offline communities. 

Enter the BioHive! 

When graduation was approaching last year I was looking for a job that would challenge me to redefine my experiences in digital media and make a difference in the Maryland communities. I connected with Chris Frew (Director of BioBuzz) whose vision of a connected biotech ecosystem in the Baltimore, Montgomery County, and Virgina areas gave me that challenge that I was looking for and a chance to build and support a powerful online community.

As Community Manager, I'm here to help you.

  • If you're wondering how to get started with populating your network with articles and discussions, let me know! 
  • If you want to create an online event, but aren't sure who to invite, I can help. 
  • I'll also be reaching out to our different partners and networks to make sure every member of the BioHive is able to experience the full breadth and depth of the information and connections available here. 

I'm excited to be a part of this community and I look forward to forming connections with the incredible people and organizations who are joining our community. Feel free to introduce yourself in the comments here, ask questions, or chat me directly (from the chat window on the bottom right of your screen)!

Keep an eye out for posts and discussions from me to learn more about connecting to other members of the BioHive, news, events, and other biotech happenings.

See you all in the Hive,

Liora Knizhnik
Community Manager, BioBuzz