This week BioBuzz was in Baltimore to check out the UMB Entrepreneurship and Innovation Expo hosted by EIN, a student group dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship among students at the University of Maryland, Baltimore campus. EIN put together a great group of students, faculty, and local entrepreneurs to talk about challenges and opportunities for students looking to get involved in the start-up world.

After a day of awesome conversation, connections, and ideas, we pulled together the three biggest questions that student entrepreneurs are asking. Let us know in the comments if these are questions that you've encountered. Have you found any satisfying answers? What are some other challenges that students face in the start up world? Get the conversation started!

1. As a student, how do I get started with the idea that I have for a start up? What are some of the most important things to keep in mind?

2. How can universities better support student entrepreneurs?

3. What are the most important questions that a student entrepreneur needs to be able to answer as they develop their company?

More About EIN:

"The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Network (EIN) is a student run, grass roots initiative that aims to assemble entrepreneurial minded University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) students to create an ecosystem for innovation through interprofessional collaboration. They strive to embed the talent present within the UMB student body into the larger Baltimore area and BioHealth Capital Region entrepreneurial landscape through partnerships, networking, knowledge sharing and inspiration. EIN's overarching mission is to educate students on the process of turning innovative ideas into companies by providing the resources and hands on experiences needed to become successful entrepreneurs.

The idea behind EIN stemmed from entrepreneurial endeavors that Alex Meltzer and Ben Portney, two Biochemistry PhD students at UMB, attempted from 2014-2015.  After struggling to find the resources and answers that they needed within the University they were inspired to make a group that would connect students with the resources, educational materials, and mentors in the community. They were encouraged by the student group SNAC to create an entrepreneurship group. Alex and Ben combined forces with students like Ioan Lina from the School of Medicine and Fahim Faruque from the School of Pharmacy who shared their vision and founded EIN." 

Get Involved with EIN:

1. "From Idea to Startup" - Monthly workshops covering various topics related to entrepreneurship. 

2. Entrepreneurial Experiences - EIN now has partnerships with local incubators like Betamore, where groups of students are paired with startup companies to work on short term (1-2 month) projects in order to give students an experience with startups.

3. Networking - EIN brings in experts from the greater Baltimore entrepreneurial community to help their members expand their networks. EIN also works to improve networking across different disciplines at UMB to open up more internship opportunities for their members.