Five Minutes with Elizabeth A. Smith, Entrepreneur and TEDCO Mentor

Elizabeth will be hosting online office hours on 7/18 at 1PM in the BioHive

In advance of Elizabeth's office hour chat on July 18 at 1PM, we sat down for a five minute intro with this intrepid entrepreneur. Learn a little about Elizabeth here and then check out the live discussion that Elizabeth hosted about commercialization here!

BioHive: Tell us the 30 second version of how you got to where you are today.

Elizabeth Smith: I started working at the university tech transfer office as a volunteer during my PhD years and decided to stay on as a project manager instead of doing a traditional post doc. I felt that I was contributing more to society in helping technologies move to market than I was at the bench. So I went and got my MBA to pursue a career in that direction. I ended up working with pharma  for several years and opened my own consulting business. I've been doing tech transfer work since 1999.

BH: What area of information is most crucial to new entrepreneurs?

ES: Communications. They need to be able to communicate their ideas to non scientists. Even if they're total lab veterans with a ton of research experience, they still need to communicate with the investors, lawyers, and mentors who won't have the same detailed understanding of their technology.

BH: What excites you about entrepreneurship?

ES: It's always really exciting, as a scientist, to be on the cutting edge of science and technology in the entrepreneurial world. That's where I've put my focus because that's where my passion is.

BH: What excites you about Entrepreneurship in MD?

ES: There are lots of great resources to support early stage life sciences companies through places like TEDCO and state initiatives like the Biotechnology Investment Incentive Tax Credit (BIITC). The state is very supportive all around, especially with resources like the market databases that the state supports through TEDCO. These massive databases are a huge advantage to Maryland entrepreneurs.

BH: What do you hope to accomplish in your hour on the BioHive?

ES: I want to help entrepreneurs find the information they need to be successful!

Thanks for the five minute intro, Elizabeth! Looking forward to a great Q&A on 7/18 about commercialization, building a business plan, and risk mitigation.