Welcome to the first in a series about the ins and outs of genetics with Dr. Benjamin Arthur, President and CEO at PONZ, LLC. Dr. Ben received his PhD in Molecular Genetics and Behavioral Neuroscience from the University of Zurich where he studied the intersection between genetics, neuroscience, and applied mathematics. We're very excited to welcome Dr. Ben for the first in his regular series on genetics in the BioHive. For his first chat, Dr. Ben will be answering your questions on Precision Medicine and Pharmacogenetics.

What is Precision medicine? What aspect of precision medicine involves pharmacogenetics?

Dr. Ben explains: "Precision medicine is defined as 'tailoring medical treatment to the individual's characteristics of each patient" (US National Reseach Council report, 2011). Pharmacogenetics aspect of Precision medicine aims to reduce the guess work of the trial-and-error approach to selection and dosing of medications in patients. This holds the promise of improving healthcare outcomes, reducing Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs) and also lowering the cost of healthcare. The numbers and sophistication of gene panels designed to provide insights into drug metabolism capabilities for each individual patient based on their unique genetic profile are growing on the DNA testing diagnostics market. Genetic factors account for 20 to 95 percent of patient variability in response to individual drugs (Kalow et al., Pharmacogenetics. 1998;8(4):283-289)." 

Jump into the conversation live on February 15 at 11AM to find out more about Dr. Ben and precision medicine.