Company: RoosterBio

Location: Frederick, MD

Industry: Manufacturing

EmploymentType: Full-Time


We are looking for a friendly, dedicated, well organized, highly motivated and driven individual to join the team at RoosterBio and fill a role focused on process and product development activities and enhancing our culture. The incumbent will play a key role in ensuring that RoosterBio products live up to the label statement “Made with Care in Frederick, MD”. This position is critical to the RoosterBio business with responsibilities in product design, testing, release and tech transfer to manufacturing. These responsibilities are central for producing high quality products for our customers and to ensure a good experience with our products. We are looking for team-oriented person who can take on increasing responsibilities as RoosterBio grows rapidly over the next 1-3 years


 Positive attitude with the ability to suggest creative solutions to the challenges presented to the
 Action oriented, results driven, and able to accomplish project objectives and meet or exceed
 B.S./M.S. in Chemical/Biochemical Engineering, Bioengineering, or related field with 3-5 years
 Ph.D. in Chemical/Biochemical Engineering, Bioengineering, or related field with 0-3 years of
relevant industry experience.
 Experience with MSCs (Mesenchymal Stem/stromal cells), Stem Cells, Biotechnology, and
Regenerative Medicine a strong plus.
 Experience with mammalian cell culture bioreactors and single-use technology
 Experience with cell characterizing assays including flow cytometry, ELISA and qPCR a plus
 Ability to perform studies accurately and reproducibly.
 Ability to work on multiple projects and effectively contribute to the team.
 Proficient in Microsoft Office, Excel and PowerPoint.
 Adapts to changes, demands, schedules, and priorities while maintaining a positive attitude.
 Accepts personal responsibility for producing results (individually and as a team).
 Exhibits a high level of professionalism at the workplace.
 Candidate must be eligible to work in the U.S for other than practical training.


Essential Job Duties

 Develop next generation stem cell production systems via manufacturing sciences to enable Tissue
Engineering and Cell Therapy Regenerative Medicine products.
 Help establish critical metrics that drive process design and decision making throughout
development campaigns.
 Design, execute, and analyze development studies to optimize scalable stem cell manufacturing
 Develop and optimize media, reagents and kits for upstream stem cells expansion, downstream
processing and raw materials qualification.
 Generate, and maintain critical data and records on development and qualification studies.
 Analyze experimental data and author technical reports.
 Work closely with manufacturing team to support and solve technical challenges in manufacturing.
 Work on prioritized projects and execute to achieve goals within dedicated timeline and budget.

Secondary Job Duties
 Collaborate with sales and marketing team to provide customer support and the launch of new
 Draft, review and update Batch Records and Standard Operating Procedures as needed.
 Perform other tasks as assigned by management.