Mr. Martin Dueñas, MPA, currently is the Director of the Health Research Management Practice (HRMP) at Leidos Health (previously SAIC) – a fortune 500 company that supports government and non-government organizations in National Security, Engineering and Health .  He works with academic organizations, foundations, biotechs, and pharmaceuticals to support their drug development work.  

He currently launched OnPAR, a Public-Private Partnership between the National Institute of Health and the Life Science Ecosystem (Private and Government Funding Agencies, Pharmaceutical and Private Funds). OnPAR will further expand to add other US and internatonal global funding agencies (i.e., CIHR, MRC, NHRMC,Japan AMED), foundations, industry and other VC and private funds.

Previously, Mr. Dueñas was one of founders at the Patient-Centered Research Institute (PCORI), and a Sr. Executive at JDRF (previously Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation).  As a member of the Venture Philanthropy team at JDRF, he worked with Pharma and Biotech companies to support and accelerate the translational research opportunities at the foundation. At JDRF, he also oversaw the establishment and sustainment of the JDRF Canadian Clinical Trial Network (CCTN).

Mr. Dueñas  experience includes research/faculty and executive positions at Columbia Medical Center, Weill Cornell Medical Center, Memorial-Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Hospital for Special Surgery, New York University Medical Center, and the New York Academy of Medicine.  In the biomedical funding space, I was the National Director/COO of the Research Department at the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International (, and then, part of the founding team at the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (

Work Experience