Senior Director of Strategy & Marketing, creating core messaging regarding company, technology and products.  Drives an aggressive PR plan to facilitate partnering & fundraising. Leading cross-functional team to create product and overall corporate strategy and is responsible for sourcing, vetting, engaging and managing collaborations, advisors, consultants and vendors.

Previously Senior Director of Clinical & Corporate Management, responsible for working with a team of 15 to execute on the business plan through operating cross functionally on a budget of $2M USD per annum.
Brings 8+ years broad experience to an organization, working primarily in the biotech industry with  2 years in Immunomic Therapeutics,  which develops DNA vaccines, and 2+ years in Theranostics Health, having focused on cancer proteomic molecular diagnostics. Also has 3 years of general management and entrepreneurship experience, as founder and owner of Tatari Design, a Design/Build and product import business which culminated in a successful sale to another entrepreneur.  

Strategic thinker and excels at sourcing outside opportunities, mentoring and managing relationships. Continually identifies and voices internal needs and external trends.  Also played an integral part in an expansion of interest of Immunomic into other areas such as oncology through sensing key trends in the marketplace, influencing key decision makers, sourcing an advisory group for oncology and forging new collaborations.

Life's passion is to contribute to the transformation in healthcare's positive impact on human life, through development and commercialization of cutting edge technologies that build on advances in molecular biology and other technology.
Recently graduated in May of this year with an Exec MBA from Duke University and also has a Master of Science in Molecular Biology and a Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service from Georgetown University.  Born and raised in upstate NY and speaks five languages.

Work Experience