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As the cost of higher education at four year institutions across the country is rising, many students are considering a community college for there education. Tuition is getting more expensive across the board and Frederick Community College is here to help with an affordable biotechnology career degree plan. Frederick Community College is partnered with many community biotechnology companies, which help our students into the local workforce industry.

As the program manager / professor at FCC bioprocessing technology program, I love that the local biotech industry supports and interacts with the community college. This support ensures students will gain confidence in their field of study and succeed in the community. 

I'm here today to talk about some of the major challenges that are facing recent grads in the biotech industry which include:

Deciding whether or not to pursue a graduate degree

How to get a foot in the door of the biotech industry

How to take an idea from the lab to the market

Please jump in with any and all questions and challenges that you've encountered!