Join Rich on March 7th at 12PM EST to discuss the growth of entrepreneurship and innovation in the Maryland Biotech industry.

BioHealth Innovation (BHI) is pleased to have the opportunity to discuss the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Maryland and the region.

BHI is a regional innovation intermediary which supports the transformation of research projects into new business opportunities in partnership with the region’s rich assets, institutions, and entrepreneurial community. BHI achieves this goal by being a catalytic partner in the economic development ecosystem which focuses on attracting, retaining, founding and reinventing biohealth businesses. BHI has built the infrastructure and track record to cofound and create new early stage biohealth startup and spinoff companies. In addition, BHI works directly with existing biohealth firms through a variety of supportive services including: incubation and accelerator programs, non-dilutive funding assistance, international soft landing programs and entrepreneur-in-residence support.

Questions to think about:

1. What are the entrepreneurial and innovation challenges in making the BioHealth Capital Region a Top 3 by 2023?

2. What are the benefits and advantages for companies, entrepreneurs, and scientists to operate in the BioHealth Region than from other regions in the country?

3. What are the unique attributes about our BioHealth Capital Region?